2020 Weehee, a brand New Year!

But just a moment, before you start with the plans and resolutions

Have you fully digested 2019?

Have you learnt all its lessons, celebrated all its gifts, recognised the patterns that hold you back and left behind what you no longer need?

Have you cleared the way for the adventures to come?

The 'It's a Wrap' programme includes...

5 videos where I lead you through a comprehensive process to review the previous year

A workbook of the process

Support from me and like-minded participants in a small, closed Facebook Group which will be active until 16th January.

This is a process I've developed over the years.  The benefits are far reaching as we make peace with the events of the year and discover deeper levels of self acceptance and appreciation.

The investment is £27 for all the materials and support.  


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1. When does the training take place?

You can access all the materials as soon as you join the programme so you complete the review as and when it suits you.

Support from the group and Debbie Reeds will be available until 16th January via a closed Facebook group.

Additional training, inspiration and live talks will take place in the Facebook group

2.  How do I pay?

When you sign up, you will be sent details of how to complete a bank transfer or card payment.

3.  Is decluttering included in the process?

Yes this is part of the video programme and additional resources will be posted on this in the Facebook group 

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