Starting Your Own Business?

If you're starting your own business to make your unique difference in the world,  here you'll find practical help to become your own boss and work flexibly whilst having more than enough income to pay the bills. 

And if you’re already Self Employed but are yet to realise your vision for your new business or lifestyle, you too are in the right place!  

Setting Up A New Venture To Express Your Passions


… in the world is potentially one of the most rewarding things you can do, yet many end up struggling to make their business financially viable.


They find themselves working every minute of the day, alienating their family and friends and feeling so overwhelmed and stressed that they consider returning to a 9-5.

Imagine Having Confidence


… in the Self Employment you have chosen, knowing you are on the path to creating your ideal lifestyle and being clear on the actions needed for success.


With focus, you can balance your hard work with time for fun, relationships and self -care. In turn, you can fully enjoy developing your business and serving those whose lives will be enhanced by what you have to offer.

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What Is So Challenging About Self Employment?

  • Going Self Employed after having another career means we already have responsibilities. Self Employment is always a leap into the unknown but, when much is resting on us getting this right, that often leads us to fear based over-thinking.

  • This is not helped by random consumption of information and training as we seek as resolution to those fears. This often results in even more fear and overwhelm and feels like we are going round in circles.

  • In addition, we are not wanting Self Employment so we can just get by and make a living, this is the next step in our personal evolution where we take our unique message to the world and create a lifestyle that fully reflects our passions. We are seeking a whole new way of working and living.

  • The business world has changed. There are more options and opportunities than ever before which makes life more complex than for previous generations. You are more likely to be a business pioneer than following directly in the footsteps of another entrepreneur.

  • Many focus on developing the skills needed to deliver their product or service but underestimate the range of skills needed to run their business and how the demands of the business change as it develops. Although there is a lot of information to hand, finding your way to the specific information you need can be a challenge.

What Does It Take To Find Your Way Though?

Creating the business and lifestyle you desire may require shifts in your thinking, probably developing some new skills and experimenting with taking different approaches and learning from the results. As well as taking focused, consistent action, you’ll need to find a way through old thought patterns that come up and appear at times to block the way.

Most important though is to pause, maybe have a cuppa, take a few moments out from your busy thinking and doing, and tune into your inner wisdom.

How Can I Help?

I'm Debbie Reeds and I provide Self Employment Coaching and Training to ensure you are on a path that will take you swiftly to your vision.

I will support, encourage and guide you so you get on with creating the Self Employed life you truly desire, making the most of all the learning, insights and fun on offer along the way.  

I've created a valuable resource to help you prepare for your business launch and check you have through through all you will need...

Debbie Reeds, Life & Busines Coach
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