For people who are Self Employed (or would like to be!)

Discover Your Unique and Inspiring Vision

(It might not be what you think!)

Starting Sunday 13th June 2021

We start in...









"Taking part in the Vision Challenge was supportive in helping me to explore my business in a holistic way unlike traditional support groups.  It was very practical, creative and focused on the process, the journey.  Lots of very useful tips too.  A good learning skill set."
~ Previous Participant

On the IGNITE YOUR VISION Challenge we will...

  • Clarify your vision (the one that makes your heart sing and your skin tingle)
  • Collaborate together as wonderful group of likeminded people
  • Tap into our innate wisdom to move beyond our limited, habitual thinking
  • Reconnect our with our sense of purpose and vitality
  • Create our unique and inspiring vision boards

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How does the IGNITE YOUR VISION Challenge work?

Like Minded People
Join a Close Knit Group

This is a collaboration of like-minded Self Employed (or soon to be) people who come together to support each other on-line and share insights.

When you sign-up you'll be invited to a private Facebook group where the Challenge takes place.

We're together for just over a week but deep connections are made and heart felt realisations are shared.

Follow the process
Follow the 5-Task Process

For 5-days, each morning you will receive a short video with a simple task for you to reflect on and complete.

Each task takes about 20 minutes and involves different ways of tapping into your innate wisdom and gaining insights and realisations.

These tasks culminate in creating your Vision Board as a visual reminder of our time together.

Coaching Support
Access Coaching Support 

As well as responding to your posts, every evening (UK time) I go Live in the Facebook Group.

I'll answer your questions, talk about the themes of the day and share fresh ways of thinking about life and business.

This will help you to see more options for the way forward and to reach new levels of self appreciation and acceptance.

Hi, I'm Debbie

My mission is to help you enjoy all the flexible working, earning potential and heart warming connection that Self Employment can bring.

I've been a Coach since 2005 and I regularly help clients to access and explore their Passions and Vision.

I believe this has never been so important as in this current climate.  I often meet people who get overwhelmed and discouraged working on their business on their own.  

Let's come together and support each other in creating the lives we truly desire. 


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


"Debbie is a wonderful coach - authentic, conscientious, supportive and someone that leads by example.

Her content is creative, though-provoking and heart-centred, gently guiding you through well-formed processes.

The result is greater clarity, confidence and energy towards realising what you desire."

~ Sobia
Challenge Participant

Previous Participants

~ Arlette & Isabelle
Challenge Participants

Message from participant

~ Suzy
Challenge Participant

"The group Debbie created was amazingly supportive, enthusiastic and safe, giving many of us the opportunity to be brave and bold...

If you are sat on the fence about doing this challenge I would say give it a go, be the brave and bold entrepreneur that you desire to be and give it your all!"

~ Jo
Challenge Participant

~ Ann
Challenge Participant

"Debbie focuses more on the psychology, of achieving your goals.

I found the daily challenges, to be thought-provoking, which I enjoyed.

But also really appreciated, being part of a group, of other people, finding their way through the adventures of self employment too. 🙂."

~ Michelle
Challenge Participant

Ready to Ignite Your Vision?

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“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.  Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”
~ Ella Jane Fitzgerald