'Get Everything Done - and still have time to play'

12 Sep 2019

Mark Forster’s Time/Life Management System* is a classic.  


It's good for all of us to reflect on how we are spending this precious life resource but especially when we're Self Employed and our money and time are such close relatives.


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Mark Forster* makes 6 main points....


1.  Chuck everything out of your life you haven’t got time to do properly.

Today it seems life is increasingly about choosing what not to do.  We torment ourselves with half finished projects and distract ourselves with ideas that aren't right for now. Making a clear decision to ditch some projects helps us to focus on what we really want to give our time to.

2.  If it needs doing, it must be done! 


We get into difficulties when we focus on one area of our business at the expense of others. We all know someone who became so busy with client work they neglect their promotion (and consequently ended up with no clients) or someone who forgot a key peace of paperwork and suffered the consequences.  

We can keep on top of all areas by rotating our attention so we deal with each area of the business in turn.

I have practiced this for many years, giving different days different 'behind the scenes' work themes.  I have trays for some of them so incoming information or post can be set aside and worked on in a batch.


3.  Create systems.


If something isn’t working for you, rather than just fixing the individual problem, take time to figure out why and change the system so it does work.  

I like to use checklists to document key tasks.  There may sometimes be a gap between my different projects and checklists mean I'm more likely to remember all that's needed and to keep implementing past learning.

This is also valuable when we come to delegate.


4.  You need ‘in-depth’ activities for your wellbeing and sense of fulfilment.


Schedule time for yourself on a daily basis and do something that has meaning for you. This is self-care in action.  It could be peaceful time, or time for a learning or creating.


5.  Employ yourself.


Give yourself fixed hours, breaks etc. Make sure there are times when you switch-off from your business.  (You might need to adapt your phone settings to allow this.)


6.  Whenever you sense that you are resisting something, treat that as a sign-post to where to go.

The fears we experience are typically about moving out of our comfort zone.  It can drain our energy when we listen to that fearful thinking and add more layers of thinking as we contemplate the direction to take.


Remember, like planes, we need both resistance and forward movement to take flight.


This post was inspired by Get Everything Done- and still have time to play, By Mark Forster* 
[If marked *, this is an affiliate link. The link will take you directly to the book named on Amazon. If you make a purchase, I may gain commission.]