Business on Purpose

4 Oct 2019

In my early years, I didn't give my Life Purpose much thought.


I was concerned with doing the right thing, making my family proud and earning enough to be independent.  I wanted to learn skills that would be a good investment for my future career and to make sure I kept progressing in line (or perhaps even ahead of) my peers.



Then the small consultancy I was working for didn't choose me for promotion and I realised this was partly because I disagreed with the direction the business was taking.  At the same time, I had begun to learn more about myself by attending personal development workshops.  Discovering my Life Purpose now became a more urgent project so I could decide what my next step would be.


I tried every approach I could find.  Workbooks, workshops, courses.  In a lovely retreat centre in Wales I discovered I was here to 'give and receive love' which was beautiful but just not very practical for choosing my next step!


I opted for Self Employment in part to give me more time to explore who I was and what I wanted.  I became more able to express my authentic vulnerable self, I found the courage to travel but I still had no idea of my purpose.


When based in Hong Kong, I hopped over to Bali to attend a friend's mediation course.  In this beautiful setting, we were led though a meditation process with a number of stages.  One stage involved us creating a setting in our mind's eye where a wise person was available to answer any question we had about our lives.  I knew my question and when I asked, my inner guru toyed with me answering 'you really don't know your purpose yet?!'


In my mind's eye I saw different stages of my life - as a child with my dolls lined up playing teacher, teaching dancing after school as a teenager, holding induction programmes and running management development courses. TEFL teaching on my travels,  'You are a teacher - you learn and then you teach'.


At last!  I'd been missing the obvious.


Of course this really makes the point that even if you don't explicitly recognise your life purpose, it will be operating behind the scenes drawing you to situations and people that spark your curiosity.


After Bali I began my training as a coach with CoachU and developed my own approach to finding Life Purpose though discovering personal passions.  I have personally helped hundreds of people from all walks of life find their passions and start orientating their lives around the things that generate the most joy..  


Needless to say it doesn't involve years of efforting, hours of meditation or travelling to Bali or Wales. (As lovely as those places are!)


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Our sense of purpose flows from engaging in our passions and seeing the ripple effect that has on the world around us and beyond.


When we are in business, engaging with our passions in both what we do and how we do it, gives us the highest potential for our happiness and success.  We are engaged in action that is meaningful for us and our motivation is high.


Our passions are our driving forces, our purpose sums up what we're about and our mission is how we, or our business, is impacting the world.  


It's our mission that others connect with, our target market are drawn to and our customers are inspired by.  From reading this and what you've seen of me, can you guess mine? [Answer below 😊]