Go With The Flow?

16 Jan 2020

How is it best to approach planning?  


Does going with the flow, following our passions and doing what we love lead to business success?




Here, I consider 3 different approaches....


To put it another way, imagine 3 travellers all about to set off on their journeys...


The first chooses the path that looks most attractive.  They enjoy looking at the plants and smelling the flowers, they meet other travellers and accompany them for a while and, when there’s a fork in the road they go down the one they’re most curious about.  At one point a fallen tree blocks the path so they take a different turn.


The second looks at the sign post and decides on a destination that has good reviews on Trip Advisor.  They note the direction and calculate the distance they must travel to reach their destination.  Each day they do their best to cover the required distance.  If they do not travel so far one day, they must make up for it the next.  Time is only allocated for the journey not for looking at the scenery or taking any detours.  And, when a fallen tree blocks the path, the journey becomes quite stressful.


The third spends some time initially looking at maps and guide books and chooses a destination that really appeals.  They have an idea of the direction and distance  but they also know there’ll be interesting scenery, unexpected opportunities and issues along the way which they allow time for.  When a fallen tree blocks the path, they work with a group of people who are also travelling in this direction and together they are able to clear the way.


Are there parts of these three scenarios you identify with?


Many of us get to know the second way through our corporate lives.  We learn about planning and measuring progress but, we are not always fully invested in our destination, sometimes what we’re measuring isn’t what matters most to us and we miss out on some of life’s richness along the way.


Once we realise this, the temptation is to switch to ‘following our heart’ like the first traveller.  If we do tune into our inner wisdom and stay present, that deep knowing within guides us.  However there’s also potential for us to get caught up with our thinking and distracted by our feelings which can send us round in circles.


Traveller 3 shows the importance of the Vision Building process.  This is where we choose a destination that excites and attracts us and then set a course that brings in the best elements of 1 and 2.


We are more easily able to make choices in the moment when we can assess if something takes us closer to our vision, we can access more creativity as we are more in tune with our heart’s desires and, if we get caught up in our thinking, it’s easier to spot the detour so we can bring ourselves back.



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