Are You ‘all in’ With Your Self Employment Adventure?

6 Jun 2019

At the outset no one can be sure how their Self Employment will unfold, just like no one knows for sure what is to come when they set off on a journey.  All the same, it's important to be 'all-in' with the process. 

In journey terms, if you were not really sure where you were going or even if you wanted to go at all, you would end up half-heartedly wandering around and probably returning home after a while when you got hungry or tired.  

You may cover quite a few miles and have a nice time, and of course there's nothing wrong with having a walk, but it's unlikely you will arrive at a new destination without a clearer intention. 


Knowing your destination and why you want to go there gives your journey more impetus.  Deciding to be all-in and do all you can to reach that destination means that when you encounter obstacles, you go over or round as best you can.  Once at  your first destination, you reinforce your view of yourself as someone who does what they set out to



So the first way we know we are ‘all-in’ is that we’ve said a full yes, 100%.  Not a ‘maybe’ or ‘we’ll see’.  If you’re feeling half-hearted about your Self Employment it maybe that you are still flirting with the idea.  See how you can address your concerns and find clarity so you can get fully behind your mission. 





The second sign we’re all-in is in the level of responsibility we take.  Taking responsibility for managing ourselves, organising the resources we need and getting on-board others who have the potential to help and hinder, means, even if there are upsets, there’s no room for blaming others or external events.  No excuses. We might need help, advice and to learn new things but we know we are responsible for putting this in place.  We are firmly in the driving seat.   



The third way we show our commitment is with our attention and focus. If we are committed to our researching our business idea, we’ll look out for helpful information as we go about our day, we’ll naturally steer conversations in this direction as we are curious about other’s experiences and we’ll consider our goals when we make choices about programmes to watch and books to read.

We might sometimes get distracted or lose focus but like a meditation, we can gently bring ourselves back to the task in hand and remind ourselves why it is important.



Related to this is allocating time so we give all the necessary energy to our plans.    Taking all the action we’ve agreed, with ourselves and others, at the appropriate time and with the appropriate energy shows we are giving our Self Employment priority.   

When we have too many things on the go at once, we can juggle or rotate our commitment but it is likely the things that are most urgent or the people who shout loudest will get our attention rather than us making a conscious choice about the things we want to progress.  This lifestyle is likely to drain our energy so we are unable to give our best.


Allocating time is as much about what we will say 'no' to and the boundaries we will put in place as it is developing new ways of working.  As we are likely to be working on our own, giving the same or higher priority to our own business development as we would external meetings or employment is often a new way of thinking.



The fifth way to know if we’re 'all in' is what happens when there’s a problem.  It is quite typical that, we'll perceive internal and external obstacles to moving forward with our Self Employment.  Internal obstacles like self-doubt and experiences we’ve had in the past that we’re afraid of repeating and external obstacles that require us to think in new ways, relate to people differently and develop new skills. 

When the going gets tough, unless we have a strong reason to continue, we are likely to give up.  Commitment gives us resourcefulness and resilience we need to solve problems creatively, discover solutions and keep on going.



With all of the above, it will be no surprise to learn that the sixth sign of being all in with your Self Employment is progress.  We might not always make progress in the way we plan or in line with expectations.  Some of the obstacles encountered might have caused us to take a detour or we might have spotted a new opportunity which will enhance our plan.  However if we are making all the causes above, the effect must be progress.



Finally, when we have shown we are all in in the ways above, we have the additional evidence of our learning and development.  We have developed new skills and behaviour, and become the kind of people who build businesses.  As we observe the results we achieve, our self-belief grows and we are ready to take on bigger, more life expanding projects.


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