Failing Well in Business

13 Jun 2019

"Oh when I make it, there's no more failures"
that's a lie... 

There’re things to learn from every single day and I think the only thing that defines the difference between what's a failure and what's not is

'Did I learn from it and make an advancement from it?'

Or am I letting it... slow me down and prevent me from moving forward towards the things I want to get?"
” - Nick Kusmich, Business Scaling Expert


Rachel Miller’s Failure Proof Summit had me dancing about in elation. 19 entrepreneurs sharing their experiences. Perhaps you think my reaction was because the video’s I watched were of the evangelical, positivity washed, pushthrough, breakthrough, go get ‘em variety?

Actually, this time I felt I’d watched real people. Some on their mobiles, some looking distinctly different from their polished promotional photos, some where Rachel had clearly grabbed them in a break or in a corridor.

They told stories of starting their businesses and the ups and downs they’d faced but, rather than the usual slick sales pitch, they talked, many with vulnerability about the realities of being in business.

They acknowledged...

  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ business methodology no way to avoid the ups and downs. It’s all about experimentation- ‘try - fail - adjust’

  • And along the same lines, there’s only so much preparation and research you can do before you need to give it a go

  • With practical experience, then you can make the changes necessary or decide to change course and try something else

  • Self care is important, at least at first, your business relies on your wellbeing

  • We are our own worse critics and things are rarely as bad as we think

  • We need to follow our intuition

Those who have followed me for some time will know these are my messages too :-)

Lovely to have this validation from super successful people. But there was another reason I was elated...

No one said their failure was because they weren’t thinking sufficiently positive thoughts. There were mindset related issues like getting so comfortable that they didn’t do the work to maintain their success or taking on too much...

But for anyone who thinks that success requires them to banish all their negative thoughts, who might be in a cycle of judging their thinking and then focusing on fixing this rather than taking action and then judging their lack of progress... here’s evidence that super successful people have bad days too and they create their businesses anyway!

Back to Nick Kusmich...

“..the hard lessons are going to come. It's never going to be a perfect day. There's always going to be challenges and it's how you view those things and how you move forward from them that's going to make the difference for you.”

Does this inspire you too?

The coaching conversations I have with clients are a chance to step back from the day to day to see the bigger picture, how your experiments are progressing and what adjustments are needed.

I help you guard against common pitfalls that aren’t always obvious when you’re in the midst of the situation. I can highlight what you might be avoiding, enable you to extract all the learning from your experiences and cheer you onto the next experiment.


If you’d like to talk through how this is relevant to you and the business you’re creating.... 

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When writing this, I thought the Failure Proof Summit had closed, but we've been given special access!  I'm not sure for how long, so be quick.  Click here to sign up and I'd love to hear your what inspires you.


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