Challenges Challenges!

14 Nov 2019

I could make Bangkok my home...


I didn’t need to return to the UK. I could teach English and study to be a coach. It was all possible!



It wasn’t long before that that I thought Surbiton (on the outskirts of London) was the only place I could live happily.


The Mastery of Self Expression workshop led me to question the life of safety I’d been living. My subsequent trip to Australia opened up the possibility of independent travel and a year later I’d set off for my ‘gap year’. 


Towards the end of that trip I was on a beautiful Island retreat when I made the decision to try living abroad.


Each decision seemed to me to come ‘out of the blue’ but it was actually preceded by a realisation or series of realisations, where I came to think differently. I saw something new, had insights and discovered fresh possibilities.


Everything looks the same and until it doesn’t!


To keep evolving, simplifying and exploring in life, we need to shake up our thinking from time to time. New people, situations and adventures help- from cooking something new for dinner to taking a trip, workshop or retreat.


A great format for this is a Challenge.  In case this is a new format for you, they are generally run by coaches and trainers as a free or low-cost taster of their work.  A group of like-minded people gather on-line and are taken through a process involving a series of tasks.  In this way they get a flavour of learning the coach’s approach whilst also implementing ‘bite sized’ tasks in their lives.

We get new connections and new ideas with minimal disruption to our daily lives. 


At a time when many people think organic business growth on Facebook is dead and the only way forward is advertising, Rachel Miller shows us how to work with the ever evolving algorithm to build an engaged audience. 

Her 100 perfect people challenge is excellent if you’re looking to start your on-line presence, you don't even need to have all the details of your business worked through!


The Challenge is an investment of £10 and lasts 10 days. There's one starting on 2nd December.

>> Click here to book your place 

[This is an affiliate link.  When you use this link, Rachel knows I've recommended you and I may gain commission if you go on to purchase one of her programmes]



Helen Pritchard has a challenge to get us started with gaining leads from linked in.  Again this is about organic growth but more applicable to people whose business involves working with a smaller number of clients.


Her challenge is free and starts on November 18th for 5 days.


>> Click here to register for the Leads from LinkedIn Challenge


[This is an affiliate link.  When you use this link, Helen knows I've recommended you and I may gain commission if you go on to purchase one of her programmes]


Both of these women are great teachers with a clear, well practised approaches that could be the start of your business and/or the start of your on-line presence. 


Their Challenges are very different. If they met I’m not sure they’d get on!  But I've seen first hand the positive impact they have on developing businesses


Having enjoyed others’ challenges, I'm getting ready to do one too!


Watch this space!