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Vision Building for Self Employed Adventurers

This popular challenge involves our community coming together to reflect and form our Visions for the future. 

As well as creating your Vision Board, you'll access your wisdom and get some fresh perspectives on what it is to be human.

The next challenge will be in the Autumn, click here to be the first to be sent details.

My Blog posts cover a range of helpful perspectives for navigating the practicalities and mindset challenges of Self Employment

Stay inspired and get community support on my social media pages.I mainly post on Facebook @Adventures in Self Employment and I have a group for more in depth sharing, The Self Employed Life I Always Wanted

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Sailing Time

Connect with others creating their Self Employed Lives, access training resources and keep on track with monthly coaching.

As well as a fortnightly coaching meetings with of 6-8 like minded people, you will have the opportunity to participate in training, discuss relevant themes and questions and access online materials and support.

This is currently within a private Facebook Group where collaborative learning is encouraged.

Membership will help you steer a direct course to create the business and lifestyle in your vision and ensure you make the most of all the learning and insights along the way.

This is charged per calendar month.



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One Hour, One-to-One Coaching

~ Is the course you've set right for your business and your life?  

~ What thought patterns or habits are not supporting you right now?

~ What different opportunities are available to you right now?

This in-depth coaching is about fully exploring these questions, ensuring you are clear on the best strategies for you and inspiring you with renewed energy for creating your business.

The button below will take you to my on-line diary where you can book a convenient time for the call and make your payment.

To explore regular one-to-one coaching (weekly or fortnightly sessions), click here to arrange an exploratory call.



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