The Self Employed Life You Truly Desire Awaits!

Strategy Session

One hour, one-to-one coaching

~ Is the course you've set right for your business and your life?  

~ Will the action you're taking result in the success you desire?

~ What thought patterns or habits are not supporting you right now?

This in-depth coaching is about fully exploring your priorities, ensuring you are clear on the best strategies for you and inspiring you with renewed energy for creating your business.

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Rock Maze

5 Insightful Questions

One page summary and accompanying video

Often, when our lives are busy, we don't take the time we need to step back and review our Business Direction.

These insightful questions will help you get the most from your time reflecting and help you access your own initiate wisdom.

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Image by Joseph Barrientos

Coaching package

Regular, one-to-one Coaching

Get the right information and coaching for you at the time you need it and take the smoothest, most enriching route to your Self Employment success.

Not only will you keep on-rack with the action needed for business creation but you will gain insights about yourself and your personal evolution impacting all areas of your life.

The first step is an initial call to explore the objectives for the coaching and find the best session format for you. 

We usually start with weekly or fortnightly hour-long sessions.  The price below is for a 6-session package.

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Sailing Time

Join the Community

Get your questions answers, find support & make connections.

It's so important to meet like-minded people and get the encouragement and support you need to move forward.

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