Create the Self Employed lifestyle that has you glowing with pride.

Practical, insightful coaching to finally bring your dreams into reality.

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Hello, I'm Debbie

If you're venturing into Self Employment, I'd love to help you bring to life your Vision.

All the impact, financial success and time freedom you desire can be developed with my practical coaching process.- even if you've no business experience, you're lacking self belief or you have health and family responsibilities to negotiate.

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You have a dream...

Of how your Self Employed life could be. Freedom to express your ideas, follow your passions and make your unique difference in the world.

Whilst also providing for your family, enjoying the comfort and opportunity of wealth and having the time to live life to the full with those you love.

But in reality...

You're going round in circles. There's so much to learn, so much conflicting information and a never ending to-do list.

You start questioning yourself and your abilities and even whether Self Employment is the right path to take.

Could it be...

You've yet to find your people, your coach and a practical process that's right for you?

Creating a one person business needn't be a solo venture. There are safe spaces online where you can learn and get encouragement.  There are like-minded people to connect with and collaborate with.

Rather than pushing harder, I'll coach you to find your unique business wisdom and flow.  You might even find yourself enjoying bringing your business to life!

One to one coaching

One to One Coaching
Coaching Programmes

The most impactful approach to developing yourself and your business is through one-to-one coaching.  

Each session is tailored to you to address what's holding you back and make sure you're making the most of all your resources and creativity to move forward.

A 6-week programme of weekly Zoom voice calls is £480.

Book your enrolment call to discuss  your situation and priorities and see how I can help.

Join Our Club

Collaborative Learning
The Self Employment Adventurers' Club

For learning, support and coaching to develop your business and bring to life your vision, join our on-line club.

With a series of 12+ Training 'Missions' to lead you through clear and practical  steps to develop your business, encouragement, discussions and live videos in our private Facebook group, and 2 small-group coaching meetings a month, you will be on the path to creating the life you truly desire and enjoying every step of the way.

Ignite Your Vision

Free Challenge
Ignite Your Vision

Join us to explore your heart's desires, find clarity and create your Vision Board.

We work in a supportive private Facebook group and complete 5 tasks which encourage you to think from different perspectives and open up to fresh possibilities.

I am 'live' in the group each day to pick up on themes, answer questions and encourage you to tap into your innate wisdom.

Participate fully and you'll discover abundant inspiration to move ahead in your life and work.

Free Checklist

Free Checklist
Create Your Fulfilling & Sustainable 1-Person Business

Be confident you have everything necessary covered with this comprehensive 12-page PDF.

No need to consume heaps of different content with all the overwhelm, stress and going round in circles that involves. 

You can get clear and focused in the time it takes to drink a cuppa.  And join our Facebook Group for complementary training to help you streamline your one person business, get tips and connect with like minded people.



What I find most amazing about working with Debbie is that she is a great and emphatic listener- so you instantly feel safe and can open up.   She has very practical solutions and suggestions to offer and on top of all that, she makes you feel truly empowered.  


My Coaching with Debbie was informative and eye opening.  She gave me so much in a short session and her follow-up was fabulous.  I have a new understanding and so much more knowledge than before.  I would recommend Debbie to anyone who is feeling invisible in their business.


Just wanted to say thank you so much Debbie for the wonderful work we did together.  You held the space for me to explore and create as I transition into my new Self Employed self.  Working with you has given me more clarity & understanding of where I am at and what I need to work on 


Thank you for my one to one coaching, it really helped me focus on what I need to do.  You were friendly open and sympathetic to my worries.  It's scary stuff going it alone!  So THANK YOU.


After just a couple of coaching sessions, I have achieved more in the last week than in the previous 6 months.  You have given me the tools to get back on track and I am making progress in all areas of my life and generally feeling better about myself.


Debbie was very helpful and she helped me to create a clear action plan. Meeting Debbie enabled me to decide the most Important areas to focus on as I had been feeling pulled in many directions. I would highly recommend Debbie.

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