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Free Webinar- 7 Fundamentals Every Wise Business Woman Needs to Know

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Hello, I'm Debbie

If you're venturing into Self Employment, I'd love to help you bring to life your Vision with all the impact, financial success and time freedom you desire- even if you've no business experience, you're lacking self belief or you have health and family responsibilities to negotiate.

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Free Webinar
7 Fundamentals Every Wise Business Woman Needs to Know

I'm excited to share these insights with you so you can apply them in your life and work.

They have the potential to completely transform both your ability to create your business and your enjoyment of the process.

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Collaborative Learning
The Self Employment Adventurers' Club

For learning, support and coaching to develop your business and bring to life your vision, join our on-line club.

With encouragement, discussions and live videos in our private Facebook group, a series of 12 Missions to lead you through the steps to develop your business and 2 small group coaching meetings a month, you will be on the path to creating the life you truly desire and enjoying every step of the way...

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One to One Coaching
Coaching Conversations with Debbie Reeds

The most impactful approach to developing yourself and your business is through one to one coaching.  

Packages start from £100 per month and group coaching is available in the Self Employment Adventurers' Club.

Book your enrolment call to tell me about your situation and priorities, explore how I can help and see the best option for you.

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You have a dream...

Of how your Self Employed life could be. Freedom to express your ideas, follow your passions and make your unique difference in the world.

Whilst also providing for your family, enjoying the comfort and opportunity of wealth and having the time to live life to the full with those you love.

But reality for many...

It's a struggle to learn new skills, find clients and get enough money to pay the bills.

Not to mention working longer hours than in any employment and feeling isolated and perhaps just a little ashamed of their progress.

Could it be...

There's actually nothing wrong.

There are safe spaces where you can learn and get encouragement.  There are like-minded people to connect with and collaborate with.

There's guidance so you can move forward and coaching to help you navigate the thoughts that cloud the way.