Hi, I'm Debbie

I help clients to create the Self Employed life they truly desire- passion filled, time abundant and profitable.  

And to enjoy the process, even you are new to business

My Story

I led a very conventional suburban life working as an internal Human Resource Consultant in Financial Services before getting into Management Consultancy and then becoming Self Employed at the age of 30.  Becoming a Self Employed Consultant was partly to be able to attend personal development workshops and training: I had a feeling there was something more for me and I was concerned with finding my life purpose.

One of the workshops I attended was the Mastery of Self Expression.  Although I seemed to express very little over the weekend, the tears flowed and I realised how I had unknowingly restricted myself with my efforts to 'stay safe'.  Gradually I learned what it was to experience my feelings and I began to think about the adventures I might want to have.    

Later that year I set off for Australia, my first bit of independent travel.  After a negative experience in my first year of University, I hadn’t really traveled further and this trip was truly liberating for me.  A few years later I had trained as a teacher of English as a foreign language and set off to Asia.  I traveled the region and taught in Hong Kong, China and Thailand. 

I was still on my quest to find my life purpose and, whilst on a meditation retreat in Bali, it came to me that I am a teacher.  I learn and then I teach.  This has been the case throughout my life- from teaching dance as a teenager to leadership development programmes.  Finding ways to explain complex issues and guiding people through their learning feels natural to me.  As my main interest was in living life to the full and I had had some positive coaching experiences from CoachU-trained coaches in the UK, I decided to train with them.

I began practising in Bangkok and set up Soul Sanook Life Coaching Ltd. working mainly with ex-pats from Europe, America and elsewhere in Asia.  Bangkok has a strong business community where I become known and my practice thrived.

The years flew by and I returned to the UK in 2009.  Whilst I enjoyed being nearer my mother and the ease of living where all is familiar, it has also taken some time for me to put down some roots and develop my coaching here.  This has been helped by living in the wonderfully creative community of St Leonards on Sea.  Many of the photos I use are of our wonderful seascape.

Whilst continuing to coach International clients on all areas of life and work, I have developed specific resources for those transitioning into Self Employment and developing their businesses. I am deepening my own understanding of how life works through understanding the Three Principles revealed by Sydney Banks and taught by Michael Neill and expanding my internet marketing skills with Rachel Miller and Helen Pritchard.

Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

  • I work along side you, asking questions and making observations.  I support and encourage you whilst recognising that only you can take the action needed for your next step.

  • I help you more fully access your inner resources, your creativity and wisdom, and align your head and your heart to be, do and have all you desire.   This will enable the transformation you make to be deep and lasting. 

  • I believe we are often our worst critics and tend not to fully acknowledge our own progress.  I champion your achievements and celebrate your uniqueness. I will also reflect back when your actions will not take you towards your desired outcome.

  •  I bring to coaching sessions traditional business understanding (from my Business Studies degree and professional qualifications in Marketing and Human Resources) together with up-to-date information on internet marketing and business automation and practical, hands-on experience.

  • I ensure we consider all aspects of your life - personal, professional and spiritual- as all are related.

  • In case you're wondering, my life doesn't look perfect!  I have approaches to life, developing businesses, relationships, getting things done, moving through emotions and self expression and I can encourage you to find ways that work for you too.  I believe life's ups and downs are part of our human adventure.

  • I have experienced times of loss, confusion, hopelessness and frustration, as well as passion, feeling in the flow and being completely in love.  I am now nurturing a different relationship with thoughts and feelings and finding that makes all the difference. 

Let's Connect on Social Media...

My current focus is on Facebook.  @SelfEmploymentAdventures  you'll find inspiration for your Self Employment journey. 

For more in-depth information and support, join the Self Employed Life group (be sure to answer the questions for access to the group). 

Looking forward to connecting with you there!


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