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Vision Building for Self Employed Adventurers

This popular challenge involves our community coming together to reflect and form our Visions for the future. 

As well as creating your Vision Board, you'll access your wisdom and get some fresh perspectives on what it is to be human.

The next challenge will be in July, click here to be the first to be sent details.

My Blog posts cover a range of helpful perspectives for navigating the practicalities and mindset challenges of Self Employment

Stay inspired and get community support on my social media pages.I mainly post on Facebook @Adventures in Self Employment and I have a group for more in depth sharing, Creating Your Self Employed Life

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Gather your people, serve & nurture them and convert them
into your ideal customers.

Rachel Miller specialises in building engaged audiences on Facebook using mainly organic methods.

To get a taster of her approach, you can join her free Facebook group* and sign-up for her next 100 Perfect People* challenge.

She also offers a fabulous web class, 

How to Confidently Turn Strangers 

Into Buyers...in under 7 days!

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The web class is a great way to get started with using Social Media for business and laying down the foundations necessary for organic growth.

* The links here are affiliate links, they let Rachel know I have recommended you and I may get commission if you go on to purchase one of her programmes.

  Grow Your Audience

on Social Media


Learn this system for working with LinkedIn to enrol your best clients

Helen Pritchard is forthright business woman who offers a clear path to getting leads with LinkedIn.

Her process works for all businesses but it particularly useful for coaches and consultants who usually find it challenging to directly build their following on other Social Media platforms.

The best way to see if Helen's approach is right for you and your business is by participating in her free 5-day challenge.*  

Click here to book your place* on the next Get Leads From LinkedIn Sprint Challenge.

Can't wait?  Click here for details* of her training bootcamp.


* The links here are affiliate links, they let Helen know I have recommended you and I may get commission if you go on to purchase one of her programmes. 

  Get Leads from LinkedIn

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