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Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • You are not confident either that your idea will bring in the profit necessary to be sustainable or in your business abilities. This keeps you awake at night and holds you back from really going for what you want.

  • You are overwhelmed by the volume of information available. Much of the advice is conflicting and you are not sure which investments are essential and which are seductions.

  • Whatever you are doing in your business, there is always so much more you can do! You are working too many hours and neglecting the people who should be benefiting from your flexible working. You thought you would enjoy Self Employment more than you actually do.

With My Coaching You Can…

  • Discover your passions, the ones that, when you are engaged in them, make your heart sing and your skin tingle. And ensure every aspect of your business is orientated around those passions.

  • Craft a business that is profitable and will give you the lifestyle you desire.

  • Find a way through the stressful thoughts and feelings that come up when you are your own boss creating a business that has meaning for you so you can fully enjoy the adventure.

What’s More…

  • You can swiftly move forward with your business as you are confident about your direction

  • Those around you will enjoy the process more and your relationships will strengthen

  • You can deal with any obstacles that appear resourcefully and gracefully without being knocked off track​

Coaching Methodology

I have training, qualifications and experience in both coaching and business and, over the years, I have evolved a way of working that combines the two. My focus is on eliciting answers from you that access your innate wisdom and creativity. Where applicable, I also teach business concepts, share relevant information and lead you through specific processes, for example to define your passions and create plans.

Although I am direct with my observations, my coaching is always encouraging, positive and insightful. The process is built around you taking action between sessions which we then review and develop to ensure you gain the most learning and make the best progress.

Regular one-to-one coaching sessions are most effective (usually weekly or fortnightly).  They cover the elements above as they are relevant to you at the time.  The next step is booking a call to define our coaching objectives and the duration of sessions that are right for your situation and budget. 

Let's Talk...


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. You seem to only offer telephone coaching, surely face-to-face sessions work best?
A. Clients are often surprised at how well telephone coaching works. We are able to focus on the coaching conversation without distractions. You can be in the comfort of your home and we are more likely to be able to keep to regular appointments. If you are unsure, why not book an initial conversation and experience it for yourself.


Q. Who pays for the cost of the calls?
A. After the initial call where I call you, the coaching calls are the client’s responsibility. Skype calls usually work well and are free and we can also set up a Zoom call so this shouldn’t be an issue.


Q. Is it just business you coach on? Can I bring personal issues to the call?
A. I coach on all aspects of your Self Employed life and often find personal issues impact business and visa versa. Lessons learnt in one area can be applied to another and both are in the context of your beliefs and experiences. This is a holistic approach.


Q. I’m not yet Self Employed, when should I start coaching?
A. I recommend having the initial conversation as soon as possible, getting clear on your passions and planning out your transition process. You can then start taking practical steps to prepare and we can see when coaching will be most useful to you.


Q. What if your coaching doesn’t work for me?
A. If you are not satisfied with my coaching, there is a money back guarantee. This applies if you have kept to the regular sessions we set out and have completed the actions we agreed.


Q. I’m independent and capable, why do I need a coach?
A. Coaching is a partnership, adding value to what you do already, opening up new possibilities and opportunities you may not currently be aware of and helping you to learn and progress. In this way you take a smoother, more direct route to where you want to be.

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