Let's continue to learn, grow and share insights...

Following Vision Building week, if you're creating your Self Employed life, I'd love to lead you further in exploration and sharing.


The Self Employment Adventurers' Club is where passionate professionals bring to life the vision they hold for their Self Employment and make their unique difference in the world.


Balancing our time and focus, without stress and overwhelm, and making a good regular living, are particular challenges for one-person enterprises.  


My aim is to simplify business processes into their basic building blocks, facilitate you working through what's right for you and your business and support you as you take action, even if you've no previous business experience.  We address mindset, skills and strategy.

The Self Employment Adventurers' Club includes...

- a community of like minded people with different businesses but shared values of collaboration, passion and sustainability who interact in a private Facebook Group.

- collaborative learning where we share insights, spark ideas off each other, encourage and support

- resources you can use to grow your business, step by step

- opportunities for intention setting and accountability

- group coaching sessions and live videos with me, Debbie Reeds

- sign up before Wednesday 29th July for August membership

For as little as £22 per month (less if you commit to 6 months), you get....

Fortnightly coaching meetings

These take place in a group of 6-8 people within the Messenger app. In the hour-long meeting, each participant has time to share and address their questions and clarify their next steps.

weekly missions

Every Wednesday there's a training video with process and checklists.  

Complete one a week to be set up and making money within 3 months or take your time to fit with your schedule.  


Access to the private Facebook group for support, encouragement and reflection.

We share our learning, exchange ideas and spark each others' insights.


Clicking on the button above will take you to my online diary where you can

book your enrolment call and pay your first month's fee (£22).

On the call, you will have the option choose to keep with the Standard Option, paying £22 month by month or....

OPTION 1 - booking for 5-months membership and getting one month free, total of £110 to be paid up front (£18.30pm)


OPTION 2 - adding a 45 mins 1 to 1 coaching session for £100 (including the club fee)

OPTION 3- booking for 5-months of 1 to 1 coaching and getting one month free, total of £500 to be paid up front (£83.33pm).  This also gives you access to all the previous Missions.

We will discuss your priorities and and the option that is right for you.


1.  I'm yet to start my business, is the club right for me?

The Missions work best if you're ready to implement what you've learned so it you're ready to make a start, that's perfect.

2.  I've already been Self Employed for a while but I would like more free time and regular earnings, can the club help me with that?

Yes, the Missions can help with taking your business to the next level, let's explore this on the enrolment call.

3. If I find the club isn't right for me, can I cancel?
I'll do my best to make sure we're a good match on the enrolment call.  You can cancel within 14 days initially or before the 25th of the month for the following month's membership.

4.  Can I switch between the Standard Option and Option 1?

Yes, subject to availability.  Let me know before the 25th of the month before you'd like to change.


5.  Will the monthly price rise?

No, your Standard price is yours for as long as you stay in the club. 

6.  How long will I have access to the Missions?

You have access to your Missions as long as you stay in the club so you can work at your own pace.

7.  Is the group confidential?

Yes, discussions take place in a private Facebook group and members agree to confidentiality.

8.  Is there an option away from Facebook?

The interaction takes place in the Facebook group but Option 3 includes access to the Missions on a separate website.

9.  How does the one to one coaching work?

We usually meet on Zoom, there is a short questionnaire for preparation and you can bring any  issues and questions about your Self Employed life to the call.  The coaching is tailored to your needs will encourage you to see situations differently, discover creative solutions and commit to action. These sessions are in addition to the group sessions. 

10.  Further questions?  

You can ask on the call or click here to send an email.