Turn Your Vision into a Passion Led, Profitable Business Supporting Your Healthy, Fulfilling Lifestyle

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Stop Yo-yoing Between Wishful Thinking and Self Doubt.

It's Your Time. ⏰ 

Instead of giving your precious energy to a soul crushing 9-5, learn practical business skills, build your confidence and get all the guidance you need to create the business and lifestyle that are right for you. 

Earn good money doing what you love. Build the flexible lifestyle you need to nurture your wellbeing AND make your unique contribution to the world.

 You are tired of going round in circles, researching your business and watching Youtube gurus, whilst doing a job you know isn't right for you. 

Now you’re looking for a way to start your passion led business and help those who are waiting for your service, whilst still paying the bills and prioritising your self-care. 

You thought you could do this alone, taking advantage of free online training

BUT there are so many options. Often the advice is contradictory and sitting through the webinars and sales pitches takes hours. 

Plus: It's a lonely process and friends and family really don't seem to understand the challenge you're facing. 

Considering high ticket

That’s why you considered buying a high ticket business coaching programme 

BUT you just weren't ready for the eye watering costs. This would mean spending all your hard earned savings and risking everything. 

Even if you were able to recoup the investment in the programme (and you know that not everyone does), the pressure would be enormous and your aim is to reduce stress.


You even thought about postponing your business.... indefinitely 

BUT you wonder just how long you can put up with the stresses of your workplace. You know it's detrimental to your health and happiness.

Plus: You feel you are destined for more. You have ideas to express, a difference to make and wonderful people to serve.

Question Mark

So I ask you:

What if you knew you were on a path to creating your dream business and  lifestyle with support and encouragement every step of the way? 


Hi I'm Debbie

Long term Life and Business coach, founder of the Self Employment Adventurers' Club and lover of the seaside!

Usually this is the point where the coach tells you the 3 step process they used to build their brilliant life and tries to convince you that you can do the same.  BUT...

Debbie Reeds

I don't recommend doing as I did!

Pop art style shocked woman

❌ I first transitioned to Self Employment in 1997. I made good money and went on some great personal development courses, but 5 years later I realised my heart wasn’t in consultancy and moved on leaving behind all I'd invested in creating the business.

❌ I went on a quest to find my Life Purpose and eventually found clarity on a meditation retreat in Bali.  You might also want to go to Bali, but you don’t have to!  (I now have a neat process for clarifying your vision you can access in the Club)

❌ I've had set-backs.  I've chased shiny quick-fix techniques.  Invested money I couldn't afford in high ticket programmes that didn't deliver, hustled night and day, avoided working and doubted myself.  For some time it seemed the only ways to do business online were sleazy, pushy and manipulative.

Heart shape in 2 pieces

💡 I've realised...

✅ In Business, as in life, we need to trust our inner-wisdom and find ways of promoting our businesses that are in-keeping with who we are and what we stand for.

✅ Rather than business creation being something we do once and then tick off the list, it is more like an adventure where we expect ups and downs and keep experimenting and learning to find what works for us. 

✅ For those of us who already have rich life experiences, guidance and coaching- a map and questions to facilitate the creative process- are more helpful than prescriptive steps that must be followed within a set timescale.

✅ Our business development and personal development go hand-in-hand but that doesn't mean we have to be totally positive and filled with self belief before getting started.

✅ We do best when we work at our own pace.  Whilst there are common themes, we each have our own challenges, strengths and priorities.

Seedling growing in hand

I've shared these insights with one-to-one Coaching clients over the years but, at the end of 2019, I was struck by how isolating Self Employment can be.  I brought together a coaching group and was amazed and inspired by the mutual support and encouragement that developed.  

I refined the format, and created a wealth of resources and the Self Employment Adventurers' Club was born.

Want a Peep Inside? 😉

In this short video I take into the Club Portal and show you inside one of our Missions, I talk through how the Club is structured to give you all the guidance and support you need.


So how does the Self Employment Adventurers' Club work?


Members have full access to...

Fire and flame

Small Group Coaching Meetings

We meet on Zoom in small groups twice a month.  Each person is allocated time to celebrate their progress and participate in coaching so they are clear and inspired to take the next step in their business.

By sharing our realisations, our learning is multiplied.  We can compare notes and support each other as we each move forward with our different businesses and priorities.

In this way we address fearful thinking before it becomes an issue and make sure we haven't become distracted from our expressing our passions and tapping into our wisdom.

Comprehensive 'Missions'

Inside the Club are a series of Missions that help you to understand key business principles, reflect on how you want to design your business and complete tasks to develop new skills.

The tasks help you to first plan and then create your business.

Each Mission includes a video and relevant worksheets and checklists.  They are available via a website portal and a mobile app.

Rather than a prescriptive training programme, this is a partnership where you bring your professional skills and inner wisdom and I help you to deepen your understanding and make the choices that are right for you.

Although the Missions are designed to build on each other, you can work on them at your own pace and in your own way.  

The route between 2 points

Private Facebook Group Community

We create a safe and supportive space for you to ask questions, try out ideas and encourage each other.

This is collaborative learning.  It's uncanny how many times one person shares an insight that has meaning for others in the group.

The Inner Circle Group is a cosy space you can access whenever convenient.  You have with full permission to post or go live at any time and I am in the group regularly to respond to your posts and comments.

Each week I email you Club news and details of events that are coming up and we have regular live workshops and discussions.

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Your privacy has always been important to me. The Privacy Statement is linked in the footer.

Who is the Club best for?


🟢 You don't need to have previous business experience or a fully formed business concept.  The Missions and Coaching will help you to develop your ideas.

🟢 It's great if you're already interested in personal or spiritual development and open to learn more about yourself and your passions.

🟢 Generally our members already have rich life experiences and most are juggling other roles and responsibilities. You may even be in full time employment.

🔴 Unfortunately those with plans for Multi Level Marketing (MLM) businesses or Franchises do not have sufficient flexibility to benefit from this approach.

🔴 Whilst we want our businesses to be profitable, if your prime focus is making millions, urgently, we won't be on the same page.

🔴 If your business plan is for volume online sales (e.g. creating an online shop) there are other groups that can teach you more specific relevant techniques.

What Members Say...

authentic, conscientious, supportive
learning a clearly defined process
my business fits with my life
very supportive
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