Let's continue to learn, grow and share insights...

If you joined my Vision Building Challenge and you're creating your Self Employed life, 

   orientating your actions around your passions 

   and finding sustainable enriching ways of doing business,

I'd love to lead you further in exploration and sharing.

The adventurers club is a working title, suggestions welcome 😊

Each month I will prepare training on a particular area of business, bringing together the spiritual and material, best practice, lifestyle and mindset.

I will then lead discussions and processes so you can apply this learning to your life and work.

Rather than covering everything 'how-to manual' style, this will be more like a magazine where we'll delve into relevant interesting subjects.

I'll also be making videos of discussions with Self Employed women in different fields to discover different approaches, whilst these will be available to all, we can have more in-depth discussions of the themes in our group.

I see this evolving over the next 6 months and I'd love to have a core group of people to work with, to input ideas and give feedback.

The investment is £24 per month.

If you'd like to continue for the next month.  As long as you are in the group, your price will remain the same.

It will be an evolving process and we'll make sure it's of value to you both in moving forward with your business in alignment with your wisdom and of having a light and enriching experience of the process. 

The button below will take you to my diary to book your enrolment call and make your payment.  As long as you book before Monday, your call can be at a later date.  If you don't see any appointments available at a convenient time, book something and email me with some options of days/times that suit you.

Looking forward to continuing our adventure and helping you create your vision!