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The Self Employment Adventurers' Club is where passionate professionals bring to life the vision they hold for their Self Employment and get support to make their unique difference in the world.

Balancing our time and focus, without stress and overwhelm, and making a good regular living, are particular challenges for one-person enterprises.  

My aim is to simplify business processes into their basic building blocks, facilitate you working through what's right for you and support you as you take action, even if you've no previous business experience.  

We address mindset, skills and strategy in an environment of encouragement and collaboration.

What's included in the Club?

Like Minded People

Collaborative Learning

This is a collaboration of like-minded Self Employed (or soon to be) people who come together support each other and to share insights.

As your coach, I create a space of safety and acceptance that enables you to practice new skills and resolve issues you face.

This sharing currently takes place in a small private Facebook Group.

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Developmental Missions

Members have access to 12 'Missions' to complete at their own pace.

Each Mission covers a different aspect of creating your business.  After setting the scene and offering tips and approaches, you are invited to complete tasks designed to develop your skills and develop your business.

The Missions videos and worksheets are in a private section of this website and can also be viewed on the Kajabi app.

Coaching Support

Group Coaching

Included in your membership are 2 group coaching sessions a month.

Time is allocated to each person to share their progress and address any issues they face. This helps you to tap into your wisdom and keep making steady progress.

Although we may all have different backgrounds and businesses, we experience similar challenges.  We can learn and draw strength from each other.

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In addition to the Small Group Coaching Sessions, Missions and private Facebook Group, joining the Self Employed Adventurers' club on or before Sunday 25 October will give you access to...

  • 5 weeks in the club for your first month
  • The 'It's a Wrap' mini coaching programme
  • A fixed low monthly fee (£27) for as long as you stay in the club
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