At the beginning of the year, a group of wonderful people gathered to bring to life their vision with a 5-day challenge.

Details are below.  The next challenge isn't yet scheduled but, if you'd like to join, sign-up and you'll be first to receive the details....

My 5-day challenge helps you to clear on your direction, focus and intentions for 2020 and to bring to life your vision for the year ahead.

I will lead you through a simple but powerful process to get to depth with your heart's desires and make sure they align with the lifestyle you are creating.

I'm Debbie Reeds and my mission is to help you enjoy all the flexible working, earning potential and heart warming connection that Self Employment can bring.

I have been a Life and Business Coach since 2005 and I regularly help clients to access and explore their passions and vision.

I often meet people who get overwhelmed and discouraged working on their business on their own.  Let's come together and support each other in creating the lives we truly desire. 

The current challenge is underway, if you would like to join the next, sign up below and you will be the first to receive details.

From Monday -Friday there will be daily videos inviting you to take part in processes lasting 10-20 mins (longer if you choose) and daily live videos for answering your questions and reflecting on the process.

All the communication, guidance and conversations take place in a closed Facebook group and via email.  You don't need to be great with IT, but you do need to show-up fully with openness, curiosity and a willingness to experiment.


The group is only formed for a week but don't underestimate the depth of the connections are made or the insights shared.


By the end of the week, you will have...

  • A vision board representing and reminding yourself of the vision you are working towards.

  • The ability to tune into your inner wisdom and know your own resourcefulness and creative potential

  • Renewed energy and inspiration for the life you are creating

During the week I’ll give you a flavour of the Inside Out understanding and, by the end of the process, you’ll be clear and inspired for the year ahead.

And it's FREE of charge!


Enter your details here to get started....