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Could Now Be the Time?

planning Nov 13, 2020

You know,

deep down,

that someday you want your own business.

It’s part of living the life of your dreams. 

You recognise this will take an investment of time and energy and it might not all be plain sailing. Perhaps you also recognise you have some fears about how it will all turn out...

  • What if you can’t earn enough to pay the bills?
  • What if nobody buys from you?
  • What if you can’t motivate yourself to get ‘out there’? 

What if you spend all your savings and end up with nothing?

What if you fail?

You could lose your home, your relationships and everything that’s important to you.

Faced with these thoughts, you wait.

You wait until conditions improve.  Until you have more money, more time, more space, more information, a more supportive spouse or a committed business partner.  Until the pandemic and cost of living crisis are resolved and the economy is better.

The timing never seems quite right to take the plunge.

You rearrange your current work and life, perhaps you can put up with things being less than satisfactory for a while longer?

You compensate yourself with indulgences. Give yourself treats to get through the day.

Over time your decision wavers, maybe your job isn’t so bad after all. You hang on. Maybe you'll be made redundant?  You can get by, it’s okay.

Perhaps you don’t see the impact on your health and wellbeing and the knock on effect for those close to you. You’re unaware of how undervaluing yourself and your priorities has become a habit. 

You close down your emotions to protect yourself from environments that you will never thrive in and wonder why you’ve lost your energy and enthusiasm for life.

You deserve so much more 💗

Every day you invest in your mind-numbing job is taking you further away from where you want to be.  We all have fears and doubts, but they don’t need to hold us back or propel us into directions that aren't right for us.

Through the eyes of our fearful thinking it often seems like we need to leap out of employment to sink or swim in the world of entrepreneurship.  However, the first commitment is about learning and discovery. 

You know what you are moving away from, but are you clear where you are moving to?  

Having a clear and compelling vision for the future tips the balance so we are inspired to move through those fears and create the lives we truly desire.

When we're able to allow our thinking to settle, we can tap into our wisdom and resourcefulness.

There may be skills to learn, qualifications to gain and relationships to build.  You'll want to set up your support networks and prove your concept and it's earning potential. 

I've created the Self Employment Discovery Journal to help you explore the Self Employment that's right for you.  And the Self Employment Explorers' Camp to help you get started.

If life is nudging you towards Self Employment, perhaps now is a good time to listen?