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Connecting the Dots with Suzy Harvey

motivation vision building Jan 07, 2021


You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.  ~ Steve Jobs
Last year, I set out to bring to life some of the themes of Self Employment by talking with people who have created their Self Employed lives but maybe you haven't heard about in the press.  They are quietly going about doing their thing and making their unique contribution to the world.
The first of these discussions was with with Suzy Harvey, Actor, Giggle Doctor and creator of Everybody Friendly Screenings.  This discussion gives an overview of her working life and there is another focused on the process she developed for doing her tax return.
Following our discussion, Suzy decided to come on the Vision Building Challenge, she was quite sceptical but, true to form, she fully participated in the process, had quite a few insights along the way and produced a fabulous Vision Board.
None of us had any idea of the turbulent times that were coming.  All the wonderful face-to-face projects Suzy was involved with were suddenly impossible.  Going into Lockdown, Suzy did one of the swiftest and nimblest pivots I've had the pleasure to witness and set up laughter yoga sessions on Zoom.  
[Her offer of free daily Laughter yoga sessions during lockdown are ongoing.  All the details are at]
As Suzy says...

I’m surprised to find myself recommending “vision boarding”. With a fair amount of scepticism, I created one in January 2020, under Debbie’s guidance and now, a year later, I find a very large number of things on that board are now in my world.

I gathered a lot of pictures of people laughing and singing and the words: “support”, “encourage”, “singing”, “together” and “so much more”.  One corner featured lions, giraffes and the words: “fresh”, “wild side” and “wildly exciting”.

Since March (when all my usual work dried up), I have been running online laughter yoga classes, where I encourage people to let their “wild side” out, laugh and sing together. Little by little attendees have come to really look out for each other with wonderfully open-hearts. I see so much “support”, “encouragement”, “togetherness” and “so much more”.

I was part of a street band from March-August, where I experienced all of this too.

The board also has the words “inspiring and incredible” and “bold” on it. I’m rather amazed to notice that I’ve received messages over this year from people using these words. 

I find myself amused that I also chose the words “a different perspective”, “mix it up”, “happiness is here” and “a whole new world”.  

It’s like I knew what was about to happen. ;-)

Be careful what you wish for - I also got the wish of being at home, “just us” style with my partner for 9 months - haha! 

I had no idea what shape 2020 would take; this board just captured the essence of what I hoped, and the rest followed. 

I won't deny there was some hard work involved too, but I’m pretty sure I had some clarity on my direction because of this ;-)

Thank you Debbie for your wonderful guidance and support!" 

I am so pleased to have been involved in Suzy clarifying her vision and the wonderful impact this is having in the world.  We do live in a magical universe but I know bringing her Vision to life has taken considerable bravery and a lot of hard work.  
For me the key points of our discussion are....

1.  For some roles, life experience really adds to the impact you can make.  
2.  Having enthusiasm and being 'all in', even if the role isn't what you really want to, will give you a better (less boring) experience and may open up new opportunities.
3. It's worth asking for the exact contract you want, it might just be possible.
4.  We have more than one passion and different ones can take the lead at different times in our lives.
5.  It's not always possible to know the different opportunities available when we are researching a role.  We need to start working where we can and see what develops.
6.  We humans can not predict the future  or 'connect the dots looking forward'.  We can trust there are patterns and we will see them when we look back.
I hope in Suzy's interview and testimonial you are able to see some parallels to your life, the decisions you've made and the lessons you're learning, and that you will be reassured you are not alone in your feelings and challenges.  I hope this inspires you through all the twists and turns of your Self Employment journey.