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How to Create a Passion Led Business

business growth motivation planning vision building Feb 12, 2021

When we're employed and looking out from perceived security, the world of entrepreneurship can seem pretty intimidating.

Not only are we told that entrepreneurs have innate traits like risk taking and 'big picture' thinking, it seems we need a go getting, bullet proof mindset and business card and website and trendy suit that make sure we look the part.

But what is it we really need when we're transitioning to Self Employment?

I believe we start with our passions.

This doesn't necessarily mean we make our hobby our business but more that we orientate our business and our lives around the things we love doing.

This enables us to....

  • make the most of our natural motivation
  • play to our strengths because we tend to be better at the things we love doing
  • have an easier time promoting our business and make more impact with our message as people respond to our enthusiasm.
  • stay inspired to keep going when others might give up
  • and enjoy the process of creating our self employed lives

We envision our business and lifestyle

So we know where we are heading and have clarity about what we are creating in the world and why.  

My free, 5-task Ignite Your Vision Challenge leads you through a process to clarify your vision and make a Vision Board. Click here for the details and to sign up for the next event.

We narrow down who we serve

Knowing your target market (the people who you are aiming to sell your products and services to) is essential for making the most of our resources and getting our message heard and seen on-line.

In the Self Employment Adventurers' Club we have a process for defining our target market in line with our passions and vision.  

Once we have some ideas, we need to get to know our target market well and this research will form the basis for all our marketing activities.

Our priority is relationship building

We know trust builds over time as we get to know people.  So starting networking  (on and off line) with potential clients, customers, referrers and suppliers will lay great foundations for the future.

Finding your people is not only great for practical support but making connections with others starting out will give you the emotional backing and ability to problem solve that will help you to thrive.

We don't need fancy materials

When we are stepping into unknown territory we are easily seduced into thinking we need websites, equipment, funnels and ads.

Generally these are things we need when we scale-up our businesses and, by then we know what works best for us and our customers.  So start simply and flexibly.  

'Employ Yourself'

Rather than merging your work and personal life or slipping into ways of working (or overworking) that aren't healthy for you, setting out your working hours and having a clear 'contract' with yourself about your responsibilities helps to create the lifestyle we desire.

Of course legally, you are Self Employed but we might borrow some of the structures we have when we are employed and adapt them to work for us.

The Fulfilling and Sustainable Self Employment Checklist helps us to make an action plan and define what we need to do in the time we've allocated to our businesses. Click here to get your copy

Your budget and learning mindset

Being thrifty serves us well as well are business learners and we won't know the best investments to make until we get started. 

Taking the pressure off by keeping some regular work and/or having 3-6 months living expenses saved up will enable you to enjoy learning about your business without the pressure of needing to get it right first time.

We want to be able to settle our thinking and come from a place of wisdom when we create our businesses.  This is the approach we take in the Self Employment Adventurers' Club.  For further details click here.

It can feel quite lonely as we're starting out.  Whilst friends and family might want to help, it can be hard for them to understand our concerns.  

The Adventurers' Club gives you a close knit, supportive community and a clear path to getting your passion led business established and thriving in a way that feels right for you.