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The Financial Planning Needed for Self Employment, with Rosie Murphy

finance Nov 05, 2020

I met with Rosie Murphy of RDM Accountancy and asked her for her top tips and recommendations for those venturing into Self Employment.

Whilst money might not be our main motivation for Self Employment, it enables us to create the lifestyle we envisage and sustain it and It's a resource we need to use wisely.


Rosie felt many of us bury our heads in the sand and avoid getting on top of our finances.  She is full of encouragement for proactively managing our money.  

We spoke about the planning we need to do before going Self Employed, book keeping tools and apps, business bank accounts and credit control.  

Rosie's advice is refreshingly clear and practical, I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Here are the links for further information....

If you'd like to arrange an initial discussion with Rosie, her website is

The UK Government site we mention is

And there is up to date advice on financial support for the Self Employed and small business owners in the UK at

In our Self Employment Explorers' Camp we have a whole section on the practical and mindset aspects of Financial Planning.  Included is a Cash flow forecast template and walk through video and you can ask questions and get more tips in our Facebook group. Click here to join us now for just £7