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Are You Ready to Give Your Elevator Pitch?

promotion Oct 14, 2022
Ready for your Elevator Pitch?

I'm not a big fan of the 30 second Elevator Pitch.

I've seen too many people rattle off regurgitated information and clever slogans without any regard for their audience.  And the thought that you must be promoting your business 24/7 and harassing influential people in lifts, tramples all over the personal boundaries and passion led lifestyle I advocate.

However, imagine attending a local event, the booked speaker can't make it and you're asked to step in.  It's a great opportunity for you and your business, but how do you feel?

It's likely most of us would be nervous about speaking in public.  You might even turn down the opportunity if you were too anxious.  For others, having no warning would be an advantage as there would be little opportunity to let the fearful thinking take hold.

The best advice I can give in this situation is to breathe deeply, put your attention on your audience (one person at a time) and speak from the heart.  Something magical happens when we are truly present and connected.  We are passionate about the businesses we're creating and that enthusiasm is infectious!

Surprisingly, something that helps us to be more in the moment is to be prepared.  Then, having considered what we want to say and how we can best get our point across, is invaluable.

Not only when we're put on the spot or bump into someone influential, who is interested to hear from us, do we also need to present our business.  This is a central part of your promotion strategy.  The presentation may be with prospective clients one to one, groups of people in our target market or via images and videos we use online.

I've created a 'Mission' for the Self Employment Explorers and Adventurers in my memberships to lead them through presenting their businesses.  (I call this a 'Mission' as it's a mixture of guidance and action to take.)  This Mission follows on from others where they have defined their business and formed their offer and considered their branding.

There's a 6ish minute video setting the scene and taking viewers through the preparation, a workbook to guide the preparation, a customisable Canva template and a second video walking through how to use the template.  Members are encouraged to practice presenting their business in our private and affirming Facebook group.

Speaking about your business in this way for the first time can be daunting (as can making a video or going live) so our members get to do this in a cosy safe space where they can address their concerns and build their confidence.  I am on hand for coaching and the other members are super supportive.

This definitely isn't about having the most polished, word perfect presentation.  Humans want to connect with humans!  Remember, all this preparation and practice is so are not struggling to know what to say and we can relax in the present moment.

Our presentation is enhanced with the slides and visuals we produce.  The illustrations, metaphors and stories make it more memorable and relatable and can be used in different ways outside the presentation setting.  We adapt the presentation we've prepared to fit different situations and achieve different results.

The learning gained from completing the Mission helps you to develop your business in practical ways and the personal realisations stay with you to impact all areas of your life.

The Present Your Business Mission is in the Self Employment Explorers Camp until the end of November.  You can join now and have instant access (to this, the 5 Foundation Missions and the private Facebook group) for just £7 per month.

Click here for the details.

Whether or not you decide to join us in the Camp, I hope that you come to really enjoy talking to people about your business.  Whatever the outcome you have in mind, sharing your passion is sharing love and that's what makes the world a better place.