Debbie Reeds

Hi, I'm Debbie

I work with clients in helping professions to create the Self Employed lives they truly desire- passion filled, time abundant and profitable.  

‚ÄčAnd to enjoy the process, even if they are new to business and have family responsibilities or health concerns.

By expressing our passions through our work, we each make our unique contribution to our communities and to the change we desire in the world.

My Story

I led a very conventional suburban life working as an internal Human Resource Consultant in Financial Services before getting into Management Consultancy and then becoming Self Employed at the age of 30. 

Becoming a Self Employed Consultant was partly to be able to attend personal development workshops and training: I had a feeling there was something more for me and I was concerned with finding my life purpose.

One of the workshops I attended was the Mastery of Self Expression.  Although I seemed to express very little over the weekend, the tears flowed and I realised how I had unknowingly restricted myself with my efforts to 'stay safe'. 

Gradually I learned what it was to experience my feelings and I began to think about the adventures I might want to have.    

Later that year I set off for Australia, my first bit of independent travel.

After a negative experience in my first year of University, I hadn’t really travelled further and this trip was truly liberating for me. 

A few years later I had trained as a teacher of English as a foreign language and set off to Asia.  I travelled the region and taught in Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

Whilst on a meditation retreat in Bali, my purpose became clear (at last!) and I began my coach training with CoachU and Accreditation with the International Coach Federation

A.A. Milne Quote, You are braver...
Edwin Elliot Quote

I began practising in Bangkok and set up Soul Sanook Life Coaching  working mainly with international expats.  Bangkok has a strong business community where I become known and my practice thrived.

The years flew by and I returned to the UK in 2009.  Starting out again in this competitive environment has had its challenges but this has been helped by living in the wonderfully creative community of St Leonards on Sea.  Many of the photos I post are of our wonderful seascape.

In the last 5 years I have taken my business fully on-line and specialised in Self Employment Coaching.

I am deepening my own understanding of how life works through understanding the Three Principles revealed by Sydney Banks and taught by Michael Neill.

I feel so privileged to be doing this work and I'm constantly inspired by the transformations that unfold for my clients and the ripple effect that has on their family, friends and communities.

St Leonards on Sea Sunset